Self Employed Mortgages

For self-employed customers, the Society will work closely with the customer's accountants and consider various sources when assessing income. Retained earnings and one off items can be added back into the income figures where relevant and other provable sources of income can be used to calculate the customer's true income. The Society does not just look at drawings when assessing the customer's income.

We are the ‘go to’ self-employed mortgage lender

If you would like to discuss how the Society is the ‘go to’ lender for mortgages for those who are self-employed and how we can assist your self-employed clients with their mortgage needs, please contact us and your local mortgage manager will be able to talk through the case with you.

Local Mortgage Manager

Please contact your local mortgage manager today for more information.

Alternatively, please complete the call me back page and one of our mortgage managers will contact you.