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Savings Product Guide

The Swansea Building Society has a range of savings accounts to suit most needs. Please take the time to browse our savings products page to see how we can best help you. Whatever you choose, you will always be assured of a warm and friendly personal service that we are proud to offer all our Members.

Our Savings products are only available to existing Members / Customers or new applicants resident in Wales.

Savings Products

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Account Name

Minimum Account Opening Balance

Minimum Account Operating Balance

Interest Rate from May 1st 2021

Personal Premier £1 £1 0.35%
90 Day Notice £5,000 £1 0.40%
Cash ISA £1 £1 0.40%
Junior ISA £1 £1 1.25%
Young Saver £1 £1 GROSS = 1.25%
AER = 1.26%

First Adult Saver Account 
(Only available to customers aged 18-30)

£1 £1 0.50%


* The minimum account opening balance is the minimum amount that must be deposited at the time of the account opening.
** The minimum account operating balance is the minimum balance that must be maintained in the account for it to remain open.

Fixed/Variable Rate Bonds

The Society will from time to time offer Fixed/Variable Rate Bonds dependent upon market conditions.
The Society currently has no fixed / variable rate bonds available.


Interest Rates for Savings Accounts no longer available for new account applications

Account Name Minimum Account Operating Balance Interest rate from May 1st 2021
Regular Saver  £25 - £500 per calendar month GROSS = 1.00%
AER = 1.01%
Cygnet / Swans Junior Account £1 GROSS = 1.25%
AER = 1.26%
Business Premier £1 0.10%
Business 90 Day Notice £1 0.15%


*** GROSS - The Gross rate is the contractual rate of interest before the deduction of income tax.
​*** AER - Stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added each year.

The maximum balance across all accounts held with the Society is £85,000 for a single  customer or £170,000 for joint customers where the customer first opened an account with the Society on or after 1 January, 2017.

The Society does not accept ISA transfers in from other savings providers.

Our Savings products are only available to existing Members/Customers or new applicants resident in Wales.

Please note the Swans Premier Account no longer exists and all existing accounts have been transferred to the Personal Premier Account. If your account name is not shown above, the interest rate that applies will be the same as the Personal Premier Account.