Supporting you through bereavement

Talk to someone to help you through the steps you need to take


Losing a loved one can be a very stressful and difficult time. As well as the emotional strain, you also have to cope with practical matters.  Please find below how we can guide you through what is required and what support is available to you.

Swansea Building Society Bereavement guide

This guide details what is required when someone dies and gives helpful advice covering all areas of bereavement. There is also a handy checklist to ensure you have covered the essentials


Registering the death of a customer of the Society


You can call into or telephone one of our branch offices located across South Wales to notify us of the death. We will need a copy of the death certificate but if this is not yet available, we can still register the death of the account holder(s) without it. However, please note it will be required before we can look to release monies etc.
We will also need to identify the personal representatives of the deceased customer and they will need to supply identification to prove who they are. Two documents are required which should be issued by HM Government, such as a passport and driver’s license. If you need to clarify what other documents are acceptable, please visit or telephone one of our branch offices to discuss what is required further.

For those who are unable to call into or telephone one of our branch offices, we can also be notified by post of a bereavement – please click on the following link to access the Society’s Bereavement – Registration Form. If you wish to notify us this way, please send us a fully completed Bereavement Form. Where available, please send in a copy of the death certificate and identification for the Personal Representative(s). Once these documents have been received, we will then be in touch to discuss what the next steps are to be taken. 

If you are concerned about anything covered above, please do not hesitate to contact us - either call your local branch office or e-mail us at