Renovation Mortgages

The Society’s Renovation mortgages are only available where the renovation project is being undertaken in Wales or the Welsh Borders (postcodes SY, WR, GL, HR & BS).

Mortgage Interest Rates

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Residential Purchase/ Remortgage


Maximum Loan to Value of Property (LTV)

Variable Interest Rate

The overall cost for comparison is*

APRC based on a loan value of:

Renovation Mortgage (REN2SVR)

Standard Variable Rate (SVR) for months 1-24 and from month 25, 1.05% discount off Standard variable Rate(SVR) for remainder of term of loan


4.85% month 1-24

3.80% month 25 on

4.90% month 1-24

3.80% month 25 on

Overall APRC = 4.00% 


Local Mortgage Manager

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