Guarantor Mortgages

We know that sometimes a customer may need a hand to get onto the property ladder. With our range of mortgages, we will allow a family member to guarantee the mortgage debt. This means that if the buyer misses their mortgage repayments, the guarantor will have to cover them.  

How SBS Guarantor Mortgages Work

The buyer to borrow up to 80% of a property's value. A family member must then guarantee the amount borrowed and if the buyer cannot pay the mortgage payment, the guarantor will be expected to make the payment. We do not ask that the family member guaranteeing the mortgage offers their own property as collateral against the property.  However, the guarantor must be able to demonstrate that they can afford to meet the monthly repayment from their own income. This means that, in the worst case scenario, a guarantor could lose their home to cover the debt. But if no repayments are missed, it won't cost the guarantor a thing.

All our residential mortgage products are available for Guarantor mortgages up to 80% LTV maximum.

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