Small Holding Mortgages for properties with or without land

We have years of experience lending to customers who wish to live and work in the countryside. Find out more about our competitive range of mortgages for Small Holdings..

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Small Holding Mortgages

Purchasing a smallholding often means the beginning of a completely new lifestyle. For most new smallholders, this is a thrilling new venture and like most things, getting funding correct at the start tends to make life smoother down the road is essential.

You’re seeking the best interest rates and terms with minimal constraints to provide you with a sound foundation. This begins with effective advice and support. We will speak with you in the early stages of your project to help us fully understand your requirements and create a financial solution that is tailored for you. Remember, there is no obligation until we have considered all the options available to you.

From preliminary contact right through to completion, we will guide you through the process.

What is a Small Holding Mortgage?

A smallholding is a non-commercial property which includes more land than a "regular" garden area but is not a commercial farm. Typically, the land will be for your personal use although you may look to rent part of the land out.

We provide residential mortgages for smallholdings that will be used domestically such as:

  • Mortgages for Smallholdings
  • Mortgages for country homes and estates
  • Buying property with land
  • Multiple properties on one title where some are let out either on a short term or long term basis
  • Developing derelict buildings while living in the main farmhouse
  • Running a business such as kennels or catteries on the land
  • Buying out partners
Securing a loan to purchase a smallholding can be difficult

Finding finance to purchase a property in the countryside can be challenging. Your personal circumstances may not match with the lenders' criteria, or you may be trying to purchase a property with occupancy restrictions that lenders are hesitant of.

Getting this right depends on obtaining the right advice and support at the beginning of your purchase.

Considering buying a smallholding?

Since Covid-19, it's no real shock that gardens have unexpectedly become the "deal-breakers" when purchasing a new home, topping wish lists in front of traditional favourites including kitchens, bathrooms and shorter commutes.

Whilst it may not be feasible to up-size to that country mansion now, a smallholding may very well be the answer for anyone with green fingers craving the feeling of the earth between their fingers and wanting to live in a peaceful countryside settingwith more than just an allotment.


Looking for a property with or without land in countryside, the Swansea Building Society can help fund it. From a Country Manor House, a rural property with land and buildings, a smallholding right through to a house with an occupancy restriction i.e. Agricultural Tie or Equestrian Tie, we can help you get to wherever you want to be.

We’ve helped many owners. These are just some areas where we can help:

  • Purchase a new or alternative property with land and or buildings
  • Re-mortgage or consolidate debt
  • Build a new house
  • Create an ecologically sustainable holding
  • Develop and mobilise redundant buildings for sale or alternative use
  • Create a new enterprise or venture
  • Purchase additional land

Our mortgages are designed around anyone looking to buy a small holding (which has land of up to 100 acres but must not be a full working farm, and we will look at cases where the occupiers keep animals as a hobby so to speak). We are happy if there is a business run from the property, but the mortgage charged will be at residential rates. For example, equestrian centre, kennels, cattery etc.

Furthermore, multiple properties can be on same title and Agricultural ties are accepted.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.