Additional Borrowing Mortgages

For existing Borrowers who require an additional loan for home improvements or for a variety of other purposes, we will give you a prompt decision and provide you with a fast flexible service.

All our products can be used for additional borrowing subject to criteria and underwriting.

Additional Borrowing
Thinking about borrowing more?

Want to borrow more against your home? Your Swansea Building Society mortgage may be the answer.

What is Additional Borrowing?

Additional borrowing also known as a further advance is a facility created for existing Borrowers who require an additional loan, secured against your property. You may then start using this additional funding to pay for home improvements or a range of other purchases.

What can I use the additional borrowing for?

Planning to make certain home improvements or to make that memorable purchase? If you have had a mortgage with us for longer than six months you can apply to borrow more on your current mortgage. No matter whether it's to make some home improvements, or for some other important purchase, we are here to help.

Home improvements is the most prevalent reason for borrowing additional money. With a home improvement advance, you can undertake work to increase the value of your property by renovating existing rooms for example modernising your kitchen or bathroom. You may likely be considering making your home more suitable to your changing needs later in life by extending and creating extra living space. This might be a less expensive alternative to selling and moving to a new home.

Borrowing more for renovations can help enhance the value of your home or energy conservation improvements, for instance double-glazing or a new central heating boiler could help you save money in addition to adding value.

Under certain circumstance we can also provide additional funding for debt consolidation, business usage, and investment purposes.
Any additional funds will be secured against your home; therefore, you should thoroughly consider this before applying for additional funds.

You can apply if...
  • It's been at least six months since you took out your mortgage
  • Your payments must be up to date
  •  You are aged 18+ and a UK Resident.
Additional borrowing deals for SBS mortgage customers

All our products can be used for additional borrowing subject to criteria, underwriting, valuation, income, affordability, and credit checks.

Our mortgage advisers will recommend which mortgage best fits your needs and circumstances and how it will affect your monthly mortgage payments

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.