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Please see the bottom of the page for User Guides to our online service.

The online service allows you to view your Society savings and mortgage account balances, to transfer between SBS savings accounts and allows you to withdraw monies from your Society savings account(s) to a nominated bank account which must be in your name / joint names (subject to terms and conditions). You will also be able to view previous transactions on your savings and mortgage account(s) and contact the Society using the secure messaging facility.  Whether you're at home or on the go, Swansea Online gives you access to your accounts whenever you need it. Swansea online is available for smartphones as well as laptops and desktops, so you can view your accounts in the way that's easiest for you. The system is secure and uses a two-step sign in process, giving you another safe option to manage your accounts.

Whether you decide to deal with us in person at a branch office, by telephone, by post or online, the service you receive will be the same – friendly, informed, personal, professional and welcoming.

Registering for Swansea Online couldn't be easier! Just click on 'register' and then follow the instructions to register. Simple! Once activated, you will have 24/7 access to your Mortgage and Savings accounts*. 

We really hope that you will find the service of use and if you have any questions regarding registering for online access, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated online team by e-mail at: online@swansea-bs.co.uk or call into or telephone your local branch office.
*Terms and conditions apply

Help and Support

Help and support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my passbook if I register online?

Those registering for the online service will no longer be able to have a passbook issued on their savings account(s) but they will still be able to pay in, withdraw, make enquiries etc. at any of our branch offices as well as accessing their account information online.

Do I have to register for Swansea Online?

Customers do NOT have to register for the online service if they do not wish to have online access to their account information and will continue to have a passbook issued on their savings account(s).

Can my son/daughter have Swansea Online if they are under 18 to access their accounts?

Please note that only customers aged 11 years and over are allowed to register for access to their accounts online but they must be a signatory to the account.

What access can I have to accounts held jointly?

If you are applying to view and operate a joint account and the other party also wishes to do the same, you will need to register separately to use the online system. Please note however, that if your joint account instructions require both to sign rather than the usual either to sign then you cannot make withdrawals from the account using this system.

Do I have to be invited to apply for Swansea Online?

Please note that while we are writing to members to invite them to register for the online services in a phased manner during 2020 and 2021, members are free to register as and when they want even if they have not yet received an invite.

Can I see my business accounts held with the Society via Swansea Online?

Yes you can but you must register via the Corporate Registration process. Please note only one user ID per business can be issued and withdrawals are only allowed where any of the signatories can make withdrawals on the account.

Can I make a payment out of my account to a third party?

No we do not allow third party payments.

Can I register more than one nominated bank account?
No, only one nominated bank account can be registered.
Can I access a business account using my personal online user ID?
If you use your personal user ID, you can only have read only access to the business account information.
How do I amend my nominated bank account?

Please complete a new nominated bank account form (available here) and provide a recent copy of your bank statement (relating to the new nominated bank account, showing bank account number, sort code, your name and address).

Please email both to: online@swansea-bs.co.uk. Once received, we will update our records accordingly and confirm once updated.

Paying in details:

If you would like to pay into an account held at the Society via an electronic payment from a UK Bank or Building Society account, please use the payments details below:

Sort code:  23 – 65 – 32
Account number:  0 0 0 _ _ _ _ _ 
(for example, if your account number is 56.01.12345.00 then you add the numbers 12345 to 000 to quote 00012345).
Reference:  Please quote your full account number with no spaces or full stops. For example 56011234500
You can find your account number from the following:

1. Your welcome letter
2. Your account statement(s)
3. Your passbook (if applicable)